Site Clearances

Machinery including 360 excavators, tippers, screeners and graders are all availble for site clearances. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to provide a full excavation and recycling service.

The excavated material can either be hauled off site or stockpiled. All materials which are stockpiled can be screened, graded and used again in the construction and landscaping process.

We also provide facilities for the removal of any mixed waste from site within any site clearance contract.

Recycled Crushed Stone - 6F2

Crushed to 4inch down from reclaimed brick and concrete.

Large orders can be crushed to a specific grade and/or cleaned. Cleaning is carried out through a secondary screening process.

The product is known as 6F2 and has been certified.

Ideal for use in farm and building site road construction. When whacked down the 6F2 forms a solid base for concrete pads.

Recycled Screened Topsoil

Topsoil is screened and graded.

The soil produced is ideal for use as a base for turfing or seeding.